Respecting Nature

When selecting a wood, one begins to wend a path shaped by knowledge, passion and respect for nature. Selection of the wood takes place through a procedure of controlled deforestation. Every log will become the architecture of a seat, while giving back to man the age-old privilege of relationships.

Abiding by the rules

It is only the experience of man that allows for the best employment of wood. Such an exclusive quality path enshrines the cabinet-maker’s tradition, transforming the raw material into masterly manufactured handicraft articles, through a processing and machining cycle which is entirely in-house.

The Adventure of Colour

The project takes on a new form of creativeness; the coloured anilines, the types of lacquering, the melody of the matches convey compositional freedom and a unique, unmistakable style. Montbel confirms its excellence and preparedness for the world of the international contract market.

The Manufacturing Atelier

The in-house manufacturing cycle provides the apparel for our collections through a tailoring process distinguishing us due to our care for details and the quality of the materials employed. Our dedication in designing becomes the philosophy of a ready-to-wear article, epitomizing manual labour, experience and sensuousness.