“RADOP CONTRACT ” Radop Contract, presents on the Bulgarian market leading Italian manufacturers of home and office furniture. The company relies on a high level of professionalism and innovation that leads it towards the challenges of tomorrow. The firm's 25 years of history match the budding life of a next generation. Now Radop Contract is ready to take on the road of change with project development to explore the new links between the traditional model and the freer version of the habitat. The contractor's satisfaction and stability in a dynamic world are the two key themes that lead to the future. This is why Radop Contract has become a true "project partner," as today it is no longer enough to be just an excellent designer and executor, and irreplaceable supplier. The client should be accompanied at each stage of the service - from the project evaluation to the post-sale satisfaction. .

The business of Architecture is to establish emotional relationships by means of raw materials. Architecture goes beyond utilitarian needs. Architecture is a plastic thing. The spirit of order, a unity of intention. The sense of relationships; architecture deals with quantities. Passion can create drama out of inert stone." Le Corbusier 1920.