Mosaics are made to be lived, walked upon, brushed up against, touched, cleaned, felt. The mosaics have the tendency of surviving invasions, changes, the transformations that from the everyday slip into the centuries of history.
Mosaics have always left traces of themselves. Embellishing means adding value where merited.
Mosaics bring with them a priceless value, bound to time and space. Over time they leave traces
of the people that made them, created and lived in the mosaic covered surfaces in the living space.
No covering exists which could be of greater worth.


The one to one relationship with its customers is one of the main characteristics of Friul Mosaic. The bounds and the close collaboration between the staff of Friul Mosaic and all the partakers involved in the project are essential from its very beginning in order to realize a product that will fulfil the desires and expectations of the acquirer.
Designs are inspired by the most various themes such as Nature, famous Works of Arts , mythology, and modern design keeping in mind the latest tendencies, and the requirements of the interior designers. Creativity, brain storming, and the attention to the details are the tiles that turn any mosaic by Friul Mosaic into a customized unique piece of art.